My Plurk Archive of ASKS

I decided this afternoon to go back through my plurk time-line (read: archive) to see where it all started: 6:41pm, 15th August 2008. Right down to the minute!

So then I asked myself, “How many questions have I asked of other plurkers to give their opinion?” It took about two hours to go through the entire time-line all to pick out those questions that I imagine you’d like to give further response.


Saturday Afternoon Work

1 …Wonders what makes Plurk different from Twitter?

2 Who would win? Boba Fett vs Bob Parr (Mr Incredible)

3 Who would win? Blob (Marvel Universe) vs Blob (Ghost Busters Movie)

4 Who remembers and watched TWIN PEAKS?

5 Are you a blogger and plurker?

6 How much money would you need to quit your day job?

7 If money were not a problem, what would you like to do with/for the rest of your life?

8 How much ‘go to town‘ money do you have? This is money over and above money for bills and money to save.

9 What is the LEAST amount of money you’d spend on a new house? Realistically – We don’t mean $1 houses in Western Australia.

10 If you were forced to give up just ONE thing in your life, what would go first?

11 Can you rub your stomach and pat your head simultaneously (at the same time)? Now try in reverse or vice-versa.

12 What’s the most money you’ve won on a Scratch-Ticket? Does your country have this form of lottery?

13 Your favourite band is in town. Is this “Sick!“, “Awesome!” or “Word!“?

14 Life. Are you a driver or a passenger? Mother-in-law on Roof-rack is mandatory.

15 Hypothetical: Excellent music is playing on the radio: Who are they?

16 Are you conservative or traditionalist? Your choice on definition / interpretation.

17 What do you do to prevent/alleviate ‘slow-times‘ at work??

18 How many people do you speak to each day? How many of them are new/unique?

19 How many NEW people do you speak to each day? Not including Online, Bulk-Mail, Forum’s and split personality’s?

20 Scenario: There was/is only ONE thing preventing you from taking the next step forward in your journey: What is it for you??

21 Do you remember where you were 10 years ago?

22 Complete this Line: MY TIME IS…

23 Complete this Line: MY FAVE PIZZA TOPPING IS…

24 How much would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

25 What is the minimum/maximum distance you’d travel for a local holiday?

26 How long (time, not distance) are you willing to travel for a local holiday? Includes getting to airport, seaport, other, onto destination.

27 On a scale of 1 to 5, tell us how fastidious you are. 1 = Very fastidious; 5 = Not fastidious at all.

28 How far in advance does your household prepare evening meals?

Frisky Flys!

29 What two words best describe your talents? (Not the actual talent, but the quality of them.)

30 How much money does your household spend on alcohol/cigarettes, either or both? With links to my article about writing to our Lord Mayor about the horrific smoking problem in Adelaide.

31 What’s the worst thing in the world you’ve experienced?

32 What is the maximum amount of days you scroll (horizontally) back through plurk to read/respond? Or is there no limit?

33 Art or Pron?

34 Give us your best cliched quote that has a twist to it. IE : “When you assume, you make an ass out of YOU, not me!”

Although not as many as I thought, there’s still quite a lot of interesting ones. You are welcome to add your response to any of them: Thankfully the internet allows time-travel (and even the occasional re-write of history)!

It would be great if the plurk-nerds could produce a list from their XML-archives of ASKS, HAS, NEEDS, FEELS for each user, or a page where we can choose such options for easy viewing. In the meantime, I’ll try to remember to add any further questions to this list for further perusal.

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