Flying Camera

If you are as keen a photographer as I, you’d also love the idea of shooting scenes from the sky. Capturing the patterns formed by man upon the landscape, seeing how bitumen and concrete score tracks across the tundra that was formerly a jungle, and particularly to see the varying temperatures between hillside and ground.

Now you can. Well, at a price of course. Meet DraganFlyer X.6.

Yes, this little beauty is a camera-wielding device that allows the user to spy upon whatever they wish, barring obstacles.

It is a remotely operated, unmanned, and designed to carry wireless video and still cameras. Anybody with sufficient knowledge of a handheld controller can fly it.

The fun part is that the viewer sees the flight path of the helicopter through video glasses! Imagine being able to spy on anyone anywhere. The DraganFlyer X.6 would be useful in temperature-controlled climates (ie, volcanic heat, freezing winds) or non-breathable environments (smoke- or gas-filled situations).

Whilst the funds for such a toy are not in everyone’s wallet, I’m sure there’s a few of us with enough entrepreneurial spirit to consider how else we could achieve the same quality of photography without breaking the banking.

Here’s hoping Canon bring out their own winged-widget that will allow me to photograph the hills of Adelaide without leaving the front yard!

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