Ongoing Learning

Carefully scraped from Ben Barden’s web publishing guide for (my) easy reading. Hope he doesn’t mind, but this stuff makes good reading!

The basics of running a site
Read this before you start building your website or blog.

Choosing a system
Things to consider when you decide which system is right for your site.

Web design tips
Everything to do with how your site looks.

Writing great content
How to write great content for your site.

All about writing comments, getting comments, and encouraging some great discussions.

Building your reputation
The Internet is a big place. How can you get noticed?

Networking with other sites
Don’t go it alone – find other sites and help each other out.

Promoting your site
How to get your site noticed, how often to promote it, recommended networking sites and more.

Getting over the hump
After the initial buzz of running your own site, you may find it hard to stay motivated. How can you get things moving again?

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