Boat on a Rope

Over the last few years I have taken the opportunity to photograph many different objects in the landscape around me. But what I find most interesting is finding things that float or roll that still can, but don’t. I have a plethora of photography of tractors out-to-pasture and aged Austin A70’s, but today I show you my boats: Those restored for recreational use, a few in dry-dock, and most importantly, dinghy’s. Don’t know why, but I love finding the rope from the jetty out to whatever floats.

View the few boats I’ve found on the end of ropes upon Kangaroo Island.

In Dry Dock , Into Any Port

One and All , Many Ropes Make Sails Fly

One and All in B&W , One and All , Two Boat Pier

Up Side Dinghy , Seventeen , Tethered

Outboard , Afloat

Blue Boat , Tethered II

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