Improve your Work, Life & Day

Initially started from the first observation regarding clothing styles, I added more to the list over the last few weeks of train-travel. People are such funny animals, they reveal more than they realise.


10. When shopping for clothes there are two opposing directions, both of which have importance:

A. Grunge & Grime

This method of dress has its purpose. Whilst men of trade experience and low income families have no choice – it’s the rich who use it most advantage.

Whenever you need to purchase goods exceeding $1,000, dress down. Retailers will assume you have insufficient funds to buy their product, this will leave you alone to research your requirements.

B. Business & Beauty

Power-dressing is important to get ahead in the corporate world. Even the company clerk knows this.

A simple suit-jacket with anything (excluding shorts nor track pants!) is sufficient attire to get you over the threshold of most businesses.

Whilst the tie is still a symbol of distinction, it no longer carries any street-cred. It would seem that the sign of true wealth is looking like either leftovers from or a ring-in for a wedding party.

I have 2 suits, yet would rather wear jeans, shirt, single-colour shoes and a cashmere jacket to meet clients. It says that my business speaks through it’s product and I respect my clients professionalism to match the style of their clothing. Nothing spells success more so than “style-mirroring”.

9. Eat regularly

For nearly ten years I chose to forgo a morning meal. With only coffee for breakfast my internal organs adapted, the details of which may make you sick.

These days I include a carbohydrate meal that includes either toast, cereal or a plain doughnut.

8. Step outside your comfort zone.

As many of the inspirational articles I mentioned last night said, the most way to improve your life is to move into the realm of the unknown.

When we imagine ourselves doing more than we’re capable, giving more than we think we can afford, or becoming a better person – we are altering thee steps upon the journey. By not accepting fate to do whatever makes us happy, we’re choosing to take on new & exciting possibilities.

What would you rather be doing: redecorating the cubicle or removing the walls? It’s time to rethink what you REALLY out of life.

7. Talk to people. Not (only) the people within your online networks, but with real people who can prove their species.

There is nothing worse than not being able to see nor express sarcasm, anger, indifference or any other human trait to truly tell someone what you really think of the blog/website.

6. Ignore advice from those who have neither tried nor experienced what you’re asking about.

When a person tells you anything, be sure they have experience. Knowledge from a book is good, but having done a thing is where true knowledge.

‘To have tried and failed is the surest journey to knowledge. To have only succeeded once does not complete the path.’

5. Develop a full vocabulary.

Reading and listening promotes thinking, writing – this a fuller vocabulary. Engaging in meaningful conversation with your peers is a good start, but they may not be the people to talk about YOUR interests. To enable your knowledge increase you’d best join a club or social-network that discusses the topics that interest you most.

Through reading and writing you will enhance your jargon plus invigorate your brain to use them in your speech. Knowing the correct words gives power to your conversation because you tell others you are knowledged.

4. Develop friendships.

I highly encourage meeting and talking with new people wherever you are.

Admittedly this us not easy: Yet this activity will decrease shyness, promote a larger network of friends and often leads to amazing opportunities.

Sometimes people will find this trait annoying or intrusive, yet most people want to make new friends.

3. Sleep More

If there’s only one step taken of all presented here – this one should be it.

A full nights sleep, a minimum of 6 hours in every 24, will give the body sufficient time to relax, recharge, and reinvigorate all the muscles of your body.

Yes, even I need to realise the truth of this! For many years I wasted many late nights glued to the idiot-box (television), watching sitcoms, MTV, Sci-Fi series. Whilst I don’t regret seeing single episode of Red Dwarf, I do regret not having the good sense to sleep when I should have.

*Today is the turning point. Now that the working hours of my wife and I has decreased our together-time, I’ve finally seen the light. Whilst originally I saw this as a great game to get more internet hours, today I’ve realised the ‘Net is my idiot-box.

As of today, you and I will sleep more.

2. Walking

Nearly everyday I walk somewhere. We all do. Whether it be from home to the train station, from the office to the café, or between appointments, we all exercise our legs.

This is the best exercise the human body can get. By keeping our body moving, we are exercising a lot of important muscles around our body – including our brain!

1. Listen.

Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the best way to show your knowledge.

Shut up and listen – it may be the next bit of information that saves your life.

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