Life, The Universe and Everything You Didn’t Want to Know

Steve Hook (on has set up the best set of silly questions any of us can answer. This is my response:

What are your three favourite movies?
Shawshank Redemption , Ice Age v.1 and Terminal . There are many others, but hey, you want three, you get three. NEXT!

The books you are currently reading are?
Not a lot of reading going on right now. I know I should, and I will soon, soon. Right now I have my Australian Photography and Digital Photography magazines open! (Whilst finding the corresponding websites, I also found Australian Creative )

Your Dream Car is…?
A Mini Moke Californian. Soft top is white, body is lime green, dashboard is chrome. Front and rear steel bumper has camera-plate and ball-joint heads welded on so my camera can be connected up quickly. Well, that would be nice. Moving on…

What do you cook Best?
When I was fourteen I made a great Shepherds Pie, a tasty Sultana Loaf, and I knew the correct ratio of banana, peanut butter and honey for an after-school sandwich. Now I do a great eggs on toast. Marriage is is a great invention!

The people across time who left the best message?
My younger brother used to have this on his house-phone answering machine: (Put on your best ‘Alfred’ voice) “Good evening, you have reached the Bat Cave. Master is out right now, beating crime in Hotham City. When he returns, I’ll be sure to pass your message. Wait for the beep.” Or something like that.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Two words for you: Camera and Computer. You do the math.

Who would you like to be for a day?
Just for one day? Hmmm, just for one day… Oh, that would be Bill Gates. Just to have one day of his salary should solve most of my financial woes.

Who is the sexiest man alive?
Me. Without a doubt. Yeah, I got an ego to go with these great looks.

Who is the sexiest Woman Alive?
My wife. Hey, who do you think cooks my dinner? I gotta eat, and I don’t see Nicole Kidman coming around to do that anytime soon!!

What turns you on the most?
Weird question. Let me rephrase that for you:
Who or what gives you the most pleasure?
A Banana, Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich. Yeah, yeah, they call it Peter-Pan-Syndrome. Why does no-one believe I will be 40 next year?!

What would you change first if you could?
The light bulb at the front door. Ever heard of a light-fitting that is FIXED to the wall, and the bulb is unremovable? Now you have. I’ll have to turn off the mains-power to remove this thing. What, that’s not what you were asking?

How long is a peace of string?
The bigger question is when will string give peace a chance?

What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Hers, when she’ll let me. Otherwise I am on the left side. Wait, that depends on whether you are facing the bed or lying in to answer this question. Lying down, I am on the left. Facing the bed, I am on the right. Geez, I hope that makes sense.

What are you superstitious about?
13th questions. Thankfully this is the 14th or I would not have answered it.

Where would be a great place to get lost?
What, you think I am not lost already? Earth will do for now, and until I’ve seen everything here, I ain’t going anywhere except to eat or sleep and upload.

That was fun. Your turn

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