Australian Calendars for 2009

They’re here: My Calendar’s on my Redbubble Photograph Gallery are now available to purchase.

So far I have eight made up for easy purchase. I have purchased four so far this year for family members who loved them in 2007. I encourage you to take a look. There’s plenty of images to choose from!

Shades of Green

1. CorrugationsCorrugated walls and locations, abstract and actual.

2. Series of Three4 sets of 3 photographs, all scenes from Kangaroo Island

3. Farm FindingsFindings around the Australian farm-yard.

4. Farm WheelsWheels upon the Australian farm.

5. Focus on PetalsFocusing on petals, these flowers light up the whole room.

6. 12 Months of XmasEach month of the year represent the 12 days of Christmas.

7. LandscapesLandscapes around South Australia, mostly upon Kangaroo Island.

8. Shades of GreenFrom organic through to man-made, many shades of green can be found around us.

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