Skin and Bones


It’s really silly, but I live in fear of leaving a comment on Jeffrey Zeldman’s site. It’s like talking to a God (and I mean no blasphemy by that, it’s purely a term of endearment!) directly through his comlink without any static on the line. You just don’t expect a reply in real-time, and if you do, you better think on your feet or you’ll never hear from them again.

So I’ll go with the safer option: Communication from afar, as if telling a eulogy about a departed loved one. Possibly the same way most people talk with people on the internet: Forgetting there’s a real human face at the other end, thereby making it all so-impersonal.

Where am I going with this?

Oh yeah, Mr Zeldman (I can’t say I know him well enough, if at all, to call him Jeffrey or Jeff!) has told us about the direction and current-changes happening at ALA. He says it’s been a subtle change that needed a careful approach over the last few years. I didn’t see it happening, though I have been reading tutorials on his site for a long time. I like his style so much I paid full-price for one of his books!
See image below to find that book!

Why does this interest me?

I’ve read more than my fair-share of articles on the ALA. I got my css-feet reading many of the ‘essential reference and tutorials‘, those articles that makes us go “That makes sense!” or “Now I get it!

Including Sliding Doors, the all-important CSS Sprites, Faux Columns, the Suckerfish Dropdowns and many more. I only wish I’d read them sooner, and put more of them into practice!

I’ve enjoyed reading and applying the CSS-Sprite method so much that I constantly think of new ways to design navigation menu’s that involve just ONE image. I’m currently working on a single image that incorporates not only the menu backgrounds, but also has two extra images merged-in that will ensure nobody will want to steal it. (Make sense? Probably not. I’ll explain that later. It’s more that it would be pointless to use the image for your own menu.)

Point is, wherever JZ takes ALA, I’m subscribed for the long haul. Are you? A little clichéd, yes, but an important question.
If you’re a web-master (hate that term, still), site-editor, designer, coder, programmer, css-geek or whatever, you really, heck, you SHOULD be reading the articles at ALA.

Amended Book Collection

Yes, I own all these books! I paid for them at full price. I don’t plan on selling them, and no, I’ve not read them all. I really should, I know this. Thank you for not reminding me.

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