Ten Sites to Self Improvement


My new favourite subsite is the Life Hacks page within AllTop.com.

In less than five minutes, I found these ten articles, all of which I enjoyed reading so much I am using them to improve my lot in life. So might you.

  • How to Wake up Enthused Every day.
    There is one great line from this article: “Spend your day doing a job that you love. If you hate what you’re doing for eight hours a day, five days a week, no wonder you want to stay in bed.
  • Who Did you Learn From Today?
  • Sound of Silence:
    How to Find Some Quietude in Your Life
  • How to Take High Dynamic Range Photographs
    There had to be at least one article in here about photography, and this was a great one to find!
  • Escaping the Cubicle!
    A definite small-business motivator, plus a great way to reorganise your desk arrangements.
  • Five Simple Steps to Recreate yourself and your Offering
    Definitely a great read. Another great line: Make a serious commitment to yourself!
  • How Many Bosses Do You Have?
    This is an interesting read that many office workers should read.
  • The Ultimate Productivity Habit
    This had me at the first line: “I believe if something is important enough to remember, it’s important enough to write down.” So true. That’s why I got an Apple iTouch.
  • Thing to Remember When Your Kids Are Driving You Frickin’ Insane
    We don’t have kids (unless cats count), but I figured an article that tells me that it’s not them that’s annoying, it’s just that parents are easily annoyed by the little things. Coincidently, children are little. smelly. things.
  • Two Hundred Mistake Quotes.
    My favourite: “I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect.
    Edward Gibbon

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  1. Hello Hayden.
    It was my pleasure to link to your article. I particularly like the section entitled Job Description as I often say similar quotes (I will, I intend to, It’s in progress, etc). Now I say: “I have, I own, I am, etc”. Self-affirmation and Action-ownership, all rolled into together.


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