Camera, Photography & Gallery Tips

Both for fun and education, I (ir)regularly write Camera, Photography and Gallery Tips within my Redbubble journal .

I write these for my own improvement as much as anyone else’s. I find the journey to self-improvement is forever and continually requiring maintenance and motivation.

Thus these tips have a wide range of topics, including Money, Marketing, Sales, Promotion, Camera Usage, Reality, Career and Awareness.

Who says they don’t need further help in any of these areas of interest? I’d be a fool to say my passion is perfect. Further learning is the best (and often funnest) way to keep both my mind and body alive.

In The Shallow

Each of these tips are short one-liners. They’ve either been brought up from little reminders, based on experience, or as a simplification of an article read elsewhere.

On Last Legs

I hope you find them interesting. Mostly they are aimed at members of Redbubble, but there are many that both amateur and/or professional photographers will like to read and learn. Or smile and nod knowingly.

Aged Legs

All images within this article are from a series of images I shot upon Kingscote beach, Kangaroo Island on 31 August 2008. All are available to purchase as Cards, Canvas, Laminations, Matte and Framed .

As a lover of all things historic, antique and dilapidated, I enjoyed being able to find and shoot these archaic posts to best capture the age, expanse and time frame.

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