Day 3 of 5 on KI

I didn’t think I’d find time for this – because despite starting as a lazy Sunday, it’s been a very busy day! It’s now 1am (of Day 3 of 5) as we’ve just returned from 6 hours of cleaning, vacuuming and burning. I’ll explain more about that shortly.

This morning I awoke around 9am, dressed to do nothing in particular – yet before I could blink, I had my camera-pack slung over my back and my macro-lens shooting at daisy’s in the backyard.

Rosandra in DryDock

Then I took a walk down the street to an dilapidated fish-factory where I found many different metallic objects and textures. From there I headed for the Kingscote Jetty but ended up on the rocky beach.

Up the shoreline I saw the remaining poles of an age-old pier. Thinking of photographs by Stephen Chapple and Shannon Mowling, I spent over an hour shooting a myriad of angles, looking for that one special shot. Now that I type this entry, I think of other ways to get THAT shot. Might have to go back before I leave.

On the walk back along the beach I met a man of Chinese descent. We talked for an hour about digital photographs, life, children, retirement, and his life between Mawson Lakes and Kingscote. Despite having my camera slung over, I forgot to get a portrait shot. Dangnabbit. On the way back to the house, mother nature pissed down on me. I need to buy the waterproof 40D!

At 6pm we all drove back to the old farm to perform one last massive clean-up, working as far late into the night as necessary. With the women cleaning floors, skirting and windows, us men did what do best: burn everything not needed. This included all the now-empty boxes, plastic hangars, old shoes, another cupboard, misc kitchen utensils no longer required and bottles from the medicine cabinet. I smartly put a wire sink rack upside-down onto the fire thereby giving us a podium where items could be watched as they burnt into oblivion. Yeah, OK, we were having fun.

This ended around 1am. The fire had finally died from the light rain that had been bothering us all night. A 45min drive to the new house meant sleep came quickly yet again.

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