Day 1 of 5 on KI

Although an 8am start was the idea, I reckon my body clock just didn’t care! Around 9am I finally arose, showered, and staggered out to find packing already in progress. After eating my holiday-only-peanut-butter-on-toast I slipped straight into my new steel-cap boots to begin a long day of moving house.

Half a Case

Around 10am a massive lorry arrived to transport all the furniture and boxes into Kingscote. With the help of my wife’s parents, my wife & I plus the 3 people on the truck, we had the truck packed, moved, and emptied into the new house around 3pm.

At 8pm we felt like it was midnight. Everyone is tired, muscles within feet through to shoulders are hurting! An all-meat party-size pizza was consumed within 20 minutes!

It’s now 10pm and we’re discussing bee-hives, 4WD’s and funny stories about sinking in mud up to the diff’! Sleep will come quickly again tonight.

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