The Night Before 5 Days on KI

After almost missing the SEALINK boat, the wife and I enjoyed a wave-free boat trip across to KI. Yes, it was the beginning of a five-day paid-holiday on Kangaroo Island. Mostly just to help the inlaws move house, but I was aiming to find a few hours of photography time.

My newly-found sea legs allowed me stand on the top deck photographing the colourful sunset. Whilst walking upstairs to the deck, I was fortunate to find an amazing silhouette through the captain’s console of the sunset.


Upon arrival at Kingscote, we travelled straight to her parents new home.

They’ve lived on the island for 50 years upon a 500 hectare farm – and now that’s all been sold for a large stone house up the back of Kingscote. Way too big for two oldies, but they have kids and grand-kids who will love being able to walk down to the ocean, into the town-centre, or even to the salt-water tidal pool!

After dumping a boot load of bread , we all drove to the old farm to work until late of night, packing & filling boxes, cases, old school bags & tubs with trinkets, books, general house paraphernalia and all manner of crap you’d find in a 50 year old home!

When sleep was finally allowed, it was instant.

Of the 1500 photographs taken around Kingscote and the family-farm, about forty will be displayed through these five-days of posts.

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