Using Free WiFi Without Guilt

Finally the Borg have arrived and they are infiltrating our planetary network.

Adelaide, South West from Hindley Street

In the early years of this millennia there were wild story’s about wardrivers and piggybackers’s with computers looking for broken networks to exploit. Now we can do this with an Apple device strapped to our arm.

I was at my local BeanBar (coffee bar) a few weeks back when I discovered I can now connect to the internet on my Apple Touch™ upon Internode. Joy of joys! So I now regularly buy something that will take about five minutes to have made (Toasted sandwich or a Chocolate Smoothie), and spend the waiting-time viewing my emails, plurking or reading the funny Borg vs StarTrek script. Perfect!

The first two times I found the Internode display on my ‘Touch, connection took only about a minute. “Cool,” I thought, “I could do this each morning!” From then on I made sure to turn on my Apple Touch™ BEFORE I got into the store – thereby decreasing the login time.

Adelaide Rooftops

But now the fascination has worn off. See, if you are going to supply what some term as a ‘blanket coverage’, make it so! Number one problem here … the coverage is temperamental, the connection is sporadic, and the thread to security seems to be what probably puts of many retailers from giving away their internet connection. And my chocolate smoothie doesn’t take five minutes any more!

Yet I don’t feel guilty about connecting to free WiFi within the Adelaide any more.

Why not? Considering the exorbitant prices that retailers put onto their products to cover their costs (for both product and WiFi-connection), a few minutes of free internet connection time shouldn’t be a problem to anyone.

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