Still Using Internet Explorer 6 ?

I’m curious to know:

Who is still using Internet Explorer v.6, either as main or secondary browser for looking at the internet? Why?

Design is Not Caring what others think about your Art

Update to Internet Explorer v.7, but not before you get Mozilla Firefox, the far superior browser. IMHYEO.

4 thoughts on “Still Using Internet Explorer 6 ?

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  1. 11% of my visitors are still on IE6. But, to me, it doesn’t really matter, because the worst bugs I’ve had to work around were on IE7, which 28% of my visitors use.

    The good news though? 51% of my visitors are using Firefox, so at least the word is getting out…


  2. Thanks Dave.

    Yes, it’s good to hear that more than 50% of the population are on Firefox. I remember only a few years ago saying ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and my friends responding with ‘Godzilla what?’

    It’s those 11% that we need to convert ASAP. Have you written an article on the bugs you’ve had to deal with in IE7? I’d be interested in knowing what they are.


  3. Most web browsers are the same and their differences are exaggerated.

    I am using Chrome now and I like it a lot, the best.

    My second favorite browser is IE6. It is fast and if you like “tabs,” well, you have them already in the form of the taskbar.

    IE6 cannot deal with some of the newer forms of website technology, however for most websites it does render things quickly, and I like the rendering engine it uses. I like the way Internet Explorer handles bookmarks, as 1kb files stored in folders like any other file. I like that you can save websites into .mht format, or as plain text. I like that it scrolls faster when using the arrow keys, and I like the way that Page Down and Page Up is not set to precisely 100% of the whole page, but more like 90%, which makes for easier jumps when reading long documents. In general I’ve found that IE6 on an XP machine, mine in particular — this X31 Thinkpad — is faster and silent, it does not cause the CPU to whirr all the time. Chrome does cause a lot of CPU usage, and Firefox is notorious for memory management problems which it has only recently fixed.

    As I said though, web browsers are all basically the same. The fact of the matter is that in the early days of IE vs Netscape, IE was clearly faster. There is a reason people adopted it. It was not wrong for Microsoft to bundle it with their operating system, just as it was not wrong for them to bundle an image editing program (Paint), a text editor (Notepad), etc.

    I found this website by googleing the phrase “still using.” A lot of the results were for sites saying “Is anyone still using Internet Explorer?” You see, there is this obnoxious attitude, prevalent everywhere in the English-writing web, across about a million websites, which deride anyone for not using Mozilla or Opera. Sometimes I want to stick with Microsoft just because I dislike this cyber bullying, this geek arrogance.


  4. Hello and thank you for leaving a comment Matthew.

    Whilst I agree with the speed and easy of using IE6, it is a browser that is no longer supported by it’s creator. Instead, they simply make new browsers and discard the old.

    Subsequently, companies that have integrated older versions (ie. IE6) into a network of 1,000 people or more have to spend HUGE sums of money if they want the latest version.

    Now you understand why I’d like more people to pick a newer/better browser. Change always starts at the bottom.


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