Your Twenty Five Words

I was one of many people who participated in Liz Strauss’s opportunity to write 25 words of Work, Life and Wisdom. Liz asked everyone to put together a quick sentence (25 words or less).

Much like Twittering, this exercise was a brilliant way of getting people to be more concise and succinct with their message, rather than meandering in out of tangents and angst-avoidance.

But I’ve taken this post one step further: Rather than copying and pasting from the original, I’ve given the list a slick new look. I’ve done this not only because of how the link to my 25-word sentence was conjoined with another, but this way I get to see what each person said a little easier:

Karin H said:

Is speed of the essence when requests are made? My time or your time what’s more pressing? Honest answers timely given: Great start in relationships

Diana said:

Making a difference, we’ve all heard it said, should be the goal of life. Too often forgot, though: Some differences are made without being known.

DazzlinDonna said:

“You’ll never shine if you don’t glow”. (Make the choice. Recognize and share your light with everyone.)

Karen Lynch said:

The details of the gathering don’t matter; what matters is that you gather.

Courtney said:

I’m no supermom, not everything will get done everyday, and sometimes nothing at all, but I love my family and that is all that matters.

RadiantWoman said:

Detach with love, Three words hiding a promise, Step back from others, Let them go, Like sneezing during a cold, Then life can literally unfold

Ed said:

When qi flows there is no pain. Where there is pain qi is not flowing. Keep your muscles and emotions flowing and qi will follow.

Karl said:

Who will give my gift if I don’t? In vain do I blame others for not yet seeing what has been given me to create.

Robert Hruzek said:

They said it couldn’t be done. “It’s too big,” they said. “You’re crazy to try it,” they said. “It’s impossible,” they said. They were wrong.

Ami said:

Love can tie you up in knots, binding you and blinding you, but it can also open your eyes to the beauty of the world.

JP Rangaswami said:

Use what you stand for to attract customers; use what you do to retain them. Ensure they’re always free to go, and they will stay.

Mark said:

Photography is truth and cinema is truth at 24 frames per second.

Aaron Stroud said:

The neglected path: Avoid debt, Save now, Save enough, Minimize expenses, Own everything; Money will then be your powerful ally, Instead of a crushing burden.

Terry Starbucker said:

The world’s most precious resource is not oil; It is joy, a life-sustaining energy that is also extracted, from the soul instead of the ground.

Lara Nieberding said:

Marriage is overrated. Marriage is forced by a society obsessed with conformity. Live up to society standards or be shunned. Not everyone is for marriage.

Of spaceagesage’s four sentences, Liz chose this one:

What frees a closed mind? Love and acceptance steadfastly offered. No strings attached, no expectations, no guilt. A heart of love opens all doors.

Paul Whitehouse said:

Putting your priorities in the right order is much harder than it sounds. And it’s even harder keeping them there. But it’s worth the effort.

Lillie Ammann said:

Look at me! Listen to me! Give to me! Help me! How did it become about loving yourself instead of loving your neighbor as yourself?

Vicky H said:

Change the world you say? Not on my agenda today! It’s all work, no play. Change the world another day. Life evaluation on agenda today!

Mark David Gerson said:

Today I remember that surrender is the key to writing and life: trusting that all is in divine order in every moment, in every breath.

Eric Peterson said:

Laughter is a truly healing medicine, reducing unneeded stress, softening sometimes unbearable pain, and brightening someone else’s day. Are you helping to heal the world?

The most amusing of them all is Claire Raikes:

Sometimes I blog like a London Bus – Insofar as you can wait ages for one to turn up and then two come along at once.

Dennis Salazar said:

Why does time seem to accelerate as we age? It could be because we finally appreciate the value and how precious each day really is.

Brad Shorr said:

The world crumbles again and yet all things must pass. There is nothing new under the sun. I remember his words: Do not be afraid.

Mother Earth said:

Friday has a feeling that speaks to a freedom from all things rigid, it parallels swinging on a swing, seeing fluffy clouds between your feet.

Katie Konrath said:

Today I suggest to you Bite off more than you can chew, Forget when anyone watches you askew. Just pursue something big, exciting, and new.

Suzie Cheel said:

Fly like a bird. Float like a cloud. Follow your instinct. Feel the fear. To experience the freedom that brings feelings of joy, and peace.

Christine Taylor said:

It’s not enough to have, you also need to hold. Whether love, talents, or possessions: Love must be enjoyed, Talents and possessions used. Take action.

Tom Volkar said:

Boldly express your wildness. Release all fear of judgment. Inspire us with your raw, untamed vigor. Be the wild spirit who came here to soar.

Todd Jordan said:

No person an island they say. Then why do we work so hard to keep folks on their own islands. Consider inviting them to yours.

Stephen Smith said:

Work when you work. Live when you live. Balance them carefully. The science: Knowing the difference between the two. The art: Knowing when to stop.

Peter Knight said:

Leave for the last minute of the last day, this exercise on inspiration in twenty-five words: there’s too much haste and impatience out there, anyway.

TheFemGeek appears to write a 25 word sentence every other article.

I couldn’t find Liz Williams‘s article so I went with this great article instead

Phil Baumann said:

It started when I wrote my first lines. I thought it was heaven I was following. Instead I found a thread that led me home.

John Cooper said:

“Be the change you seek,” said Gandhi; how few heed him, how much we need them; “lead, follow, or get out the way,” I say.

I am beginning to realise how true of these words by Paul Downey:

In front of a Web connected computer he can change the world with vigor, instead chronic procrastination means life is frittered away, page refreshing Twitter.

Jenny Mannion said:

I see too many people blaming external factors or others for their own unhappiness, not realizing their own power for greatness lies within awaiting discovery.

Liz Strauss said:

Words measured carefully tell how we use our life and our energy. It took only 25 words to say we need to love ourselves first.

And I said:

Here we all are, a couple of billion slabs of meat, on this small ball of mud, and some idiots want to kill each other?

Yes, some are missing from the final presentation. This is because they did NOT link to their 25-word sentence, and I found myself spending far too much time trying to find it.

Though I did find a few very inspirational and motivational articles to read!

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  1. What a labor of love, Stephen! Thank you for doing this. It’s wonderful to see everything laid out this way. My original entry was not as inspired as the one you linked to on my website; thanks for going the extra mile.


  2. My pleasure Liz. I am at home quite ill, so sitting for three hours in front of a computer digging through everyone’s journals for these sentences was fun, interesting, and most-of-all, inspirational.


  3. Stephen,

    Thanks for doing this. I wish you a speedy recovery from your illness!

    It’s interesting that having the sentences laid in a different way gives a different perspective. Several of the quotes made a different impression on me here than they did on Liz’s presentation.


  4. Very cool! The different ways people are finding to present these words is just about as interesting as the ideas themselves. Thanks for taking time to do this.


  5. Hey, we appreciate the nod, Stephen! I’m with Lillie – seeing them written in a different context gives them a different perspective in some indefinable way. I like that we can see them all at once, too.

    Keep up the good work, and hope you get well soon! As they say on the pig farm: “Are you cured yet?” :-D


  6. So glad you all like what I have done with your words.
    I’m more impressed with the words themselves – many being both motivational & admirable. Thank YOU for your choice of words!


  7. Hi Stephen

    You turned it into a poetic wall of words – filled with wisdom.
    Perhaps one day we will build it for real?

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)


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