Phlegm, Bile and Sinus

Today I am home, quite sick. Lots of phlegm, bile and sinus. Not pretty at all.

It’s been brewing up inside me for the last few days. I recognised the symptoms late on Friday afternoon whilst at work, but figured I’d be able to wash them through me with plenty of fluids. No, not the Scotch Whisky nor the Stout technique, but the tried-n-tested remedy: Ribena. The wonder-drug of every parents household. But we are not parents. Unless you count the cats.
Anyhow, today I am enduring this excessive build-up of sinus in my stomach that wants to relieve itself out my nose, yet continues to back-fill my oesophagus as bile in my throat. Lovely. Not.
Swallowed different yet strangely potent pills (or is that vice-versa?) that are supposed to seek-n-destroy these stomach-borne viral bastardio’s who’ve taken residence inside me. I keep sending down cordial-chasers, but nothing’s working yet.

Ever wondered what it sounds like inside a Conch? Every time I move my head, the world swishes and swirls maniacally, like I am on the Roller-coaster of Push-n-Shove. And my head feels like it’s filled with cotton-wool, fairy-floss and shredded-aluminium. Not a nice feeling.

Been settled in front of the gas-heater all day, rugged up like a baby Inuit. Other than my fingers and eyes, everything is covered thrice-over. ‘Sweating out the fluid I put in’, it’s a technique I learnt … somewhere. Someone’s mum probably, maybe even one of my own. Who knows? All I care is that it works. ACCCHOOO!! Sorry. Let me wipe that off the back of your monitor.
With the computer, camera, and television remote-controls handy, I am suffering in silence. Four cats around me enjoying the heat. Hmmm… could they be cause of this cold?

(Slight pause in transmission whilst I steam-clean the floorboards around me. Weird yet sudden compulsion. Meh.)

Where am I going with this thread? Oh yeah…

Whilst searching the kitchen for more of anything edible that would not produce bile, I glanced through window. The sun had made it through the wet-clouds. Bright, very bright. So I went outside and macro-shot a heap of things. Ended up back inside because it was too DAMN COLD.
So I searched through last night’s macro-shots that I told @|Shai Coggins I was doing whilst waiting for Doctor Who.
Raise Yourself Up Pointing Inward
Half as Many

UPDATE: Berocca has been suggested by Greg Williams. Whilst I doubt it will help remedy me completely, it cannot hurt to test it out to see if it has any medicinal qualities.

10:15 AM 24/06/2009 NEW: Yes, I am sick again. This time it has gone on for a week of continuous coughing, hurting me from the pits of my stomach up to the jaw. Thankfully it couldn’t be swine flu, yet the doctor will get a visit to ensure the nasties are killed before they kill me!

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  1. Thank you Shai (for your comment that I inadvertently deleted – please feel free to recomment) !
    Yet I am home another day. Today the doctor will also tell me I am ill. I want half his commission for knowing this already!


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