Monster Bubblers on YouTube

Hammer Time

A good friend of mine here in Adelaide is a YouTuber: Peter (aka MuscularTeeth) is darn good at his field-of-choice: Video Production. Although an amateur, it’s phenomenal what he does with electronic music and montage-making software.

But his best work is displayed through his artwork montage of Artists from Yes, my photography been featured in a few video’s.

MuscularTeeth chooses themes for each video and the contributing Artists attempt to display an image that best fits that theme. Yeah, occasionally it’s a tough fit that even I cannot see how the artist managed to convince both themselves and Peter that it truly-ruly fits the concept set down, but they do. I often decide to step aside and let other artists contribute … but mainly because I don’t do art that fits the theme. Particularly when ‘Monsters’ are involved.

Peter has uploaded yet another video. Did I tell you that Peter creates the soundtrack each time? I’m always gob smacked by the seriously cool style put into compiling this music. (And now his music is getting its share of radio time! Great stuff!)

Check out Peter’s latest upload to YouTube, I know you’ll love this!

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