Twenty Five Bullets

Children in Training

Liz Strauss [of Successful Blog] is always giving us good ways to write a quick post, where we put a few words together that invite a bite, strain the brain and maybe break the mold.

Tonight Liz has had a great idea: She is asking for 25 words of wisdom on something or anything that we see too little or much of within our environment.

Amazingly, this idea reminded of this quick sentence I wrote some time ago, regarding the amazing ability of humans to fight to the death for what they believe in: Freedom to live. Odd conundrum. Thank you Liz for giving me an opportunity to publish it. Oddly, it was exactly 25 words.


Here we all are, a couple of billion slabs of meat, on this small ball of mud, and some idiots want to kill each other?

Maybe it doesn’t say a lot, but it was exactly what I thought at that moment.

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