Further Improving the Average Blog

This is the number one post that you should be reading today. Why? Because it allows you to smile, learn, and give so much. Yes, it has been around for a while, but still it makes perfect sense.

Superman Promoting 'Red Nose Day'

As bloggers, journal writers, diary keepers and all journalists know: It’s our stories that entice our audience. When you and I write stories that bring our readers inward, giving them a feeling of being in the action and wanting for more, it’s only then that we have succeeded as a writer.

Yes, that certainly makes it all seem simple. But you and I know it’s not.

Writing to keep existing and entice new readers is a formidable occupation. It will be incredibly fun when the words roll of the tongue, when you speak from the soul and tell your story in such a way that even makes you smile, grimace or cry! But it can crash down like a sleeping-cat off a small ledge, leaving a trail of misused adjectives, clique of clich&eacute’s and threesome of descriptive adverbs.

That’s when you need to stop, regroup, rethink and decide where you next journey will begin. “Finding a niche topic to talk about” as the copyblogger says in a lot of posts is a great way to keep your blog heading in the direction you had initially intended. Even I realise this is an important factor for the continuing journey of my blog.

Having a variety of personal interests ranging from photography through to people-meeting (plus many elements and attributes of web-design) means that I allow this blog to go in various directions, often not on the original menu … but generally coming ’round to my preferred topics of conversation.

Therefore whenever I make a statement, opinion, review (or complimentary link of gratitude to your site), I’m very interested in your opinion, whether they be critiques or compliments or otherwise. I welcome your comments any time. Even right now…

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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