This is three of a series of five architectural shots in my Redbubble Gallery, showing a concrete-&-glass new cube under construction behind one of Adelaide’s oldest churches.

Late one evening a few weeks ago, whilst shooting flowers, I shot a dozen images showing the gaunt gratuitous monstrosity, but knew the photographs would be either over-exposed or too dark because of the lateness of the evening. I had neither tripod nor a steady place to safely put the camera for the 30seconds exposure time, so I decided to go with dark. I knew I’d be able to post-process it later.

Finally I got around to testing some plugins in GIMP, trialling combinations of overlayering that would still show the sterility of the modern architecture, whilst displaying how they are over-shadowing the older architecture in our ‘quaint’ city. After numerous attempts, trials, and tribulations, this interesting effect was acquired. Don’t ask, but it took three seperate layers, each one merged into the next. I was going to make the brown stone in ‘Encroachment II’ all black, but decided to leave it so that you might realise that it’s an older building. Let me know what you think of these.

Encroachment ; Encroachment II ; Encroachment III

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