Top Gear goes Down Under

Oh dear, my brother will not be impressed nor happy.

He applied to be a host on the new Australian Top Gear, but it appears the final three have been decided from the two thousand applicants.

Heck, I spent a day wielding my tripod and a hired video-camera from the back seat of a Modern Mini, filming semi-trailers zoom passed us at 110klm, rain and sun sporadically appear according to whether the canvas-roof was up or down, plus endured Victorian drivers who fail to indicate to turn onto side roads in the Adelaide hills.
Come on granny, put your pedal to the metal, get out of first-gear!

Instead of my brother with his radio-personality, insurance-selling, car-rolling-skills and amazing ability to sell anything that has a fiscal value, the job is going to Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati. These three guys are going to be good for Australian Car enthusiasts. Now, let’s hope they can work together.

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