Finding Wifi Spots in Adelaide

Now that I have become addicted to the Apple iPOD Touch, I am searching for ways to make this more cost-effective.

I’ve since discovered there’s absolutely no need to get the iPhone because the iTouch gives us the world-contact that we crave so much, all without spending our own money.

How?, you might ask: Wifi.
I can read all the internet I crave from locations that supply WIFI.

Slight problem though. Apparently we don’t have many WIFI hot spots around Adelaide. Shame really, because that would be very handy for those of us with a Apple iPOD Touch. Imagine it, never having to pay for your internet-usage, doing all your communication via the net, and letting everyone know where to find you with the click of a button.

After posting this article on my twitter, two guys gave me sites that provide additional WIFI locations around Adelaide:



Thank you oliyoung & nschultz

This is the current total of listed Wifi spots available in Adelaide = 6 (whereas Melbourne has 134!) … There’s probably more. It would be fun to use my new toy to find them all! Should I accept this challenge, it would make my lunch hour much more fun!

* Hudsons Coffee – 33 King William Street, Adelaide, 5000

* Hudsons Coffee – 55 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, 5000

* Hudsons Coffee – 154 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, 5000

* Qantas Club Domestic and International lounge, Adelaide – International Drive, Adelaide, 5950

I’ve also discovered that Starbucks in Rundle Mall allows coffee drinkers to peruse the net whilst ingesting their coffee-laced beverages. (Att Starbucks: It’s time to update your site to show ALL Wifi locations, ie Adelaide.)

Will other Coffee-providers also invest in the same services? I like my BeanBar smoothies. Maybe they will ALL make their outlets a Wifi zone. Imagine that … working your stock from the luxury of a coffee-cafe! Life would be better!

Anyhow, I plan to keep looking for Wifi locations around Adelaide, whilst photographing new and interesting other locations. Heck, I might even get a photo-gallery of those Wifi places. Watch our for me! Will update this list as more found.

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