Finding Immortality

About a fortnight or so ago, I found an online book entitled Mortal Ghost.

Now, normally excessive writing bores me fairly quickly. But on this occasion the writer had me captured at the first line and STILL reading at the end of the second chapter … at that point I decided to leave comment on the work.

Within a few days I received an email from the writer, L. Lee Lowe, thanking me for the comment and that I could buy the book.

What, buy a book? Who reads from books these days? Everything is available as a PodCast, PDF Download, VodCast, etc etc … there’s no need to cut down a tree to print a book!

Well, I prefer to have a book. There’s more to be said for the old ways of reading: I can put a book down, I can save it for later without chewing up bandwidth, and books can be read by anyone, no matter how computer-illiterate.

Today I purchased the book. Roughly $22 (inc P&H) for a piece of history that I can put on the shelf for anyone in my family to read anytime without having to turn on a computer.

The next part of this conversation with the Author was after they noticed that I advertise my Redbubble gallery in my email signature.

This was the content of my email telling they why RB was better than MS.

Redbubble is a repository for fine photography to be viewed, perused, purchased and admired.
Many artists on Redbubble are amazing in their fields of work and continue to provide art worthy of hanging on a wall.
If you are looking to supply or purchase same, then Redbubble is the place for you!

I wrote that in less than five minutes … because I know it to be true.

So now when you find L.Lee Lowe somewhere on Redbubble, please welcome them in: I highly recommended they join Redbubble rather than stick with MySpace!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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