Now We Are Twittering, Let’s Give it A Chance

According to PCWorld, Twitter is like a high school hallway:

A combination of chaos and order, informal and formal communication, public and private, bravado and cooperation, experience and naivete. The combination of all of these elements is part of its charm and value.

I totally agree!

Although it can feel like several layers of graffiti, wallpaper and mindless drivel, the corridors throughout Twitter are not quite the labyrinth first imagined. Nor are the short blurbs of untargeted information as mindless as first expected.

You’ll find many people with similar interests, hobbies, occupations, plus many willing to find someone just like you. That is, if you are a internet-connected, browser-searching, and willing to type a quick (140 character maximum) message at least once every five minutes.

But don’t take my somewhat-cynical yet-becoming-more-optimised opinion as gospel: Go check it out. I’ve got a constant barrage of text flying from my sidebar, yet I find it interesting, encouraging, and incredibly fun.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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