The Fun of Random Flickr on WordPress

Adelaide vs Melbourne

Are you a flickr-photography addict, either uploading your own work or perusing the plentiful supply of the millions of souls who display their work every millisecond of the day? I am, and damn proud of it.

Are you also a WordPress blogger/journalist/writer/etc, uploading anecdotal stories regarding your photography adventures into your local streets, backyards, forests, restaurants, churches or local events? Do you regularly login, paste your NotePad™ written monologue, then logout before checking out the options? I seriously suggest you stick around in your ‘WordPress Dashboard‘ to check out the features.

I discovered today that the flickr blog is generated within WordPress! Utilising the best feature of WordPress discovered only a few days ago, I was able to enjoy random posts from the Flickr archives.

Thus, here are five dates of uploaded photographs found using the ‘Random Post‘ option (top right of screen, drop menu) of WordPress:

Ah, the wonders of the internet. Not only are people encouraged to take more photographs, but also to get out and see more of the world! What a paradoxic conundrum worth having!

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