Getting Good News Every Day

I’ve not sorry to say this : When I want to read the daily news reports, I’ll be heading for ZDNet Australia (News) from now on, and not AdelaideNow.


  • The ZDNet home page has a three-toned, easy on the eyes, simple navigation system at the top of screen. Two horizontal-tiers under the logo take us straight into the information. Whilst I love drop-down menus, I believe the AdelaideNow site is losing many readers when they cannot see information they want instantly.
  • No more flashy images stealing the limelight. Yes, images help bring readers in, but when they randomly bring in garish and ghastly photoshopped comparisons of of Kevin Rudd and Robin Hood, I have to turn away. There is three columns of text, with ever-rotating flash imagery, lots of colours, and little direction. It’s like being at a 1980’s Blue Light Disco. I cannot take it anymore!
  • Who owns the AdelaideNow site? Are they influencing the bias of reports on the site? Or is political standpoint the only reason to own a newspaper? I’ll let you be the judge on this issue.
  • Too Much Rain, Not Enough News And the number one reason (Drum roll please) Why do I need to know about the increasingly bad weather here in Adelaide at TWO locations on their home page?! One or the other, please!

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