Using Twitter More Effectively

Dammit, I was so very wrong about Twitter! Although I wished I’d jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon much earlier, getting in now is like picking stock on the ASX at its highest yet affordable price. Everyone everywhere is mentioning, talking and discussing about Twitter, and even mashing their scripts with Twitter to make enterprising plugins that make the experience so much easier.

After only two days of talking and communicating with a myriad of interesting people around the world, following the various TinyURLs and snURLs, I’ve been introduced to sites I never knew exited before today.

Subsequently, as previously covered, I have found, and through Alltop I have found all these interesting sites that all currently displaying articles regarding Twitter! Damn, it’s like the internet has exploded overnight!

  1. 3 of the Latest Reasons Why I Love Twitter
  2. 20 Twitter Services to Enhance Your Experience
  3. Tweeting for Companies 101
  4. Dating in 140 Characters or Less
  5. Would You Include Twitter as a Fellow Panelist?
  6. Nobody is on Twitter (Said in jest)
  7. Add Twitter updates to your signature
  8. Twitpitch Is Pissing Some People Off
  9. SocioTwitting”>developing metrics for Twitter volume vs. Twitter influence
  10. James Karl Buck Twitters his way out of Egypt Jailhouse
  11. Twitter in Plain English

If that wasn’t enough for you, listen to a vodcast with the Twitter Guys on the red couch.

When you are through there, read a few Twitter Answers, and if that doesn’t tickle your funny bone, try getting the Twitter Census.

But this list would not be complete without a few semi-derogatory remarks about the Twitter-Platform. After all, how boring would the world be if we all thought, did, and smelt the same?

  1. Twitter Less, Blog More!
  2. How to Attract More (Productive) Comments to your Blog Posts
  3. Taxes, Twitter, Twubble, Twhirl, and FedEx Sucks

In closing, two extremely similar articles. I suspect they are the same Author.

  1. Why hasn’t Google built a Twitter search?
  2. Why hasn’t Google built a Twitter search?

Still not convinced to join Twitter?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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