Cats, CSS and Crazy Creativity

According to the latest survey at, one of our four cats, Mischief, is Al Gore!

Here’s how they describe the remarkable similarity:

Green through and through, Mischief is super-careful about how he marks his territory and goes out of his way to cover his tracks. Though Mischief is a lover and not a fighter, he won’t stray from your side when trouble flashes its ugly fangs. Not bothered by superfluous detail, Mischief can be counted on to report back to you with the facts at hand, no matter how nasty they may be. Not one to rely on his top-notch genes and breeding, scratching and clawing his way to the top is Mischief’s modus pawperandi.

Quite the wordsmiths, aren’t they?

And there I was thinking that Mischief is simply a cat with a bladder problem. Oh wait, now I see …


And now you know how crazy I am (about cats, CSS and creativity): Yes, I made a website for our four cats. I used to shy away from displaying that part of my site, but since the whole world can see it, heck, why not?

Go read their amazing adventures. They keep sending me transmissions about their amazing life INSIDE our, oops, I mean their house, so it would be good if I all my efforts were at least enjoyed by more people than my family.

Worst thing that can happen is you lose your bladder with laughter.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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