All Thanks to Twitter

Well, Twitter didn’t do it, it was merely the catalyst: I’m writing again, original content with thoughts and opinion regarding my key topics of interest.

Tonight, for the first time in almost forever, I’ve left a comment on the journal of my most revered mentor (though I doubt he realises), Mr Zeldman. His most recent article talks about the outsourcing and disappearing personal sites. I have one of those personal sites, where all the content is hard-coded and not drawn in from a database.

Twitter has enabled me to keep up with the lives of those people I revere most. Not only is Twitter allowing me to read 140 words from the lives of people whose books I sporadically read to improve my ‘lot in life’; it has revitalised my path to web-dev-enlightment.

Again, tonight, for the first time in a few generations of my personal site’s development, I’ve seriously thought about converting it into a receptable for the various RSS-feeds I fill with links, text, music, and other information. Why have them spreading far and wide when I can have them spilling out from the same bucket? (Metaphor guys, read the whole sentence!)

Ah, ponder on this I must… Joomla or CMS Made Simple?

White Walled

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