Does Online Beer Have any Flavour?

Social Networking is now online and very popular.

What will happen to happy-hour at the local pub? Will I able to get “Live and Unplugged” guitar music with all the smoky ambiance, beery-smells, nut-flavoured chips, plus the chatter and high-pierced laughter of chicks at the bar, with all the tinkling of glasses toasting the opening of a photograph exhibition?

Will this online undoing be just a quick phenomenon that will disappear faster than the last Jimmy Barnes vinyl album? Will I be able to crawl under a bar-stool, drunk and disheveled, like a massive pigeon in a tiny cage, at the end of the night, snoring into my jacket?

No? Then I don’t care for online socialising. I want to get out and meet people, face to face (not face to book!), talk to real faces, see their reactions, watch their gestures, interact, smile fake at morbidly interesting topics I know little about, and drink real beer to the morning comes. Or the bouncers heave us out. I don’t want no overloaded server to kick me off the ‘social’ network.

There is nothing better than meeting REAL people. Facebook be damned, I want to meet and greet you, not seek and link you!

Givusanotherbeeryamug, I’m crawling to the next public bar…

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