Finding, Searching, Browsing

According to my WordPress Statistics, these are the most common searches made before people end up on my journal.

Neon Color

  • “hand strap cannon”
    Thanks to Dave2 for noticing the misspelling here!
  • “makings of millionaire”
  • “concrete modern building”
  • “canon e1 hand strap”
  • “fly like an eagle surounded by”
  • “biggest camera lens”
  • “when all else fails quotes”
  • “keith richards”
    …. I cannot determine which of my articles brings people here on these words!
  • “biggest camera lens”
  • “background business card”
  • “entrepreneur photographers”
  • “camdapter”
  • “seven steps to success to make yourself”
  • “largest camera lense”
    Hmmm. Looks like I spelled ‘lens’ incorrectly.
  • “business cards background”
  • “business card background”
  • “canon hand strap”
  • “wow landscapes”

Looks like I am fairly consistent in my article topics: Mostly photography from Redbubble and Flickr, with a hint of entrepreneurial architecture with moments of monetary-gain! Well, why change a theme when you’ve got it working for you?!

Yes, I’ll keep bring you more of the same. At least once a week. I’m too busy outside with my camera or uploading to Redbubble to be writing so much!

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