Will your Next Tripod be Carbon-Fibre or String?

Reeling In

I found three interesting photography sites tonight whilst looking for an article about a string-monopod.


Run by John Watson, whoever he is, this site is proving popular with its numerous articles, tips, tutorials and hacks. John appears to run everything, but maybe he’ll start bringing in extra article writers soon! But I encourage you all to make comment on this article entitled Photographers are Liars.


Dare I say it: I Adore this site. I drool whilst perusing this site. They have a myriad of camera equipment, some costly, some fairly priced. They’re based in New York, so expect some expensive P&H if you are anywhere outside the USA!


The author is ‘Donncha’, another interesting character who writes almost everything here! Another wordpress account redirecting to a personal domain, but has a business attire to its overall appearance. What this site has over the others is a comprehensive look at all facets of photography, and everything is tagged and categorised so intricately that his google-rating must be phenomenal! (According to ermena.com this site has a PageRank of 4/10. )

Eventually I found the article about the string monopod . Then I found another string monopod. Looks like everyone wants to have the best without spending too much money!

And then I found this: The perfect way to hold a digital camera.

What’s your best photographic invention that you’ve released for world-wide scrutiny and free use?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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