Putting the Inch into Pinch

In a previous life-time, I was very very VERY scared of anything that could bite, pinch, mark, scratch or kill AND still manage to be the size of an ant. Well, I finally found something that is not your standard ant. This is an Inch Ant.

A nasty little bugger to find anywhere in your house. Except maybe the kitchen sink. See, he’s big enough to be spotted from halfway across the room. He’s so big, he has his own zip-code. Wait, no, I’m thinking of Michael Jackson.

Inch Ant on Kitchen Sink

This little guy is most impressive. Without a macro-lens, you can see his eyes, jaw that clamps like a vice when it finds human skin, and all his legs quite clearly. But with a lens, he is even more amazing. See how big he is compared with a standard sewing pin.

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