Showing That You Care about Water Conservation

We live in a time of drought for farmers, water-shortages across Australia, restrictions for the suburban gardens, government paying millions to truck in water from across the border, and a time when water is measured in cups not kilolitres.

With this in mind, can you really afford to shower for more than three minutes, leave the hose running to water the roses, or pull the plug on a bathtub of water?

Sometimes the best way to show that we care about the plight of those around us suffering the worst from lack of water is to have images on the walls of our corporate cubicles that show the extent of the problem.

Here are three compositions made from photographs shot on Kangaroo Island over the 2008 Easter holiday. Many farms haven’t seen water in almost a year, their land is so depleted of water that wind-pumps are bringing up salt, damns are dry and creeks are barren of fish.




Buy these three images framed for display on your office today to show that you care for the farmers of Australia. My father-in-law will be very happy to know that his drought-stricken land is not completely wasted.

2 thoughts on “Showing That You Care about Water Conservation

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  1. Good message Stephen, great shots too really tells a story by themselves.

    I often get shots in NSW along the darling river which is now flowing, 12 months ago it was empty. The land along the darling river still looks dead, farmers have suffered and now their land may never recover.

    There is too much water being wasted upstream and, as you would know, the Murry-darling basin suffers from the politics of water resources.

    Here is a new site that lobby for sustainable environment

    Thanks for sending the message!


  2. Hello Mark, Thanks for leaving a comment on this article. Great website, I’ve linked it up for easy access. I bet you have amazing photography from the rivers of NSW.


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