Hot, Damn Hot!

Hey Adelaide, is it hot enough for you yet?!

I stepped outside a few minutes ago, just after 3.30pm, … and melted, my body seeping between the brick paving.

Fifty Nine Degrees Celsius

I recovered by pretending to be a snowman. But I melted before I got back to the house. So I imagined myself swimming in a large vat of cool refreshing Coopers Beer, the only way to survive on a 40 degrees celsius day! By the time I took the first stroke, I had heat-stroke, but I made it to the door.

The world started swimming around me, my forehead was perspiring like a popup sprinkler on a cricket field, and I could see stars. Thankfully the door broke my fall. I made it inside the house.

Heat driven insanity is the worst kind.
Anyone got a block of ice? Titanic size should do it.

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