Revenge of the Whales

Over one million humans have thus far signed a petition to help ensure that the ‘scientific research’ slaughter of whales around the planet stops taking place.

On Saturday February 23rd 2008 they achieved their first goal: One million people around the world signed their name, location and belief to this all-important petition at Whales Revenge.

Please help to inform the Japanese government that their senseless slaughter of this magnificent animal is not only disgusting and immoral, but is a senseless waste of life.

I personally ask that the captains, the men upon those boats, to take the time to stand back and just watch their majestic beauty before you hurl that next harpoon. Comprehend your significance, your ant-like status in the cosmos and realise that killing animals for no reason is an utter waste of resources, time, and living. This is an animal that somehow survived many thousands of years of evolution, only to be slaughtered by the most prolific parasite upon this planet, Man. How important is it that you kill for the gain of little bits of paper (money) that have no worth other than when spent to purchase other food?

Please, add your voice, sign the petition and spread the word to everyone. The campaign ends when the killing of whales stops.

I was the 1,010,197 person to sign the petition to save the whales. Where were you when the signing started?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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