Redbubble, YouTube and Techno Music from Adelaide

For those haven’t realised from previous entries, I am a member (and probably one of the first members, but not really sure on that) of the Video Montage Group on This is a great way for photographers and artists to get their work displayed on a world-wide-forum, achieving a level of acclaim for their work.

Very recently the group jumped by a further 25% membership! This was because the theme chosen was able to be addressed by so many different mediums: Black and White. From photographers to charcoal-artists, just about every form of art can be presented in these two colours.

The founder of this group is a local Adelaide guy who goes by the pseudonym of MuscularTeeth. I’ve met him a few times, but long before he was famous on Redbubble or a YouTube artis so I’ve not seen him since! Pete (real name) is an interesting bloke who appears to have a diverse range of skills, but music appears to be the business of the moment. Congrats to Pete and all the effort he is putting in to ensure these video’s get the promotion and acclaim they certainly deserve.

Had enough of the accolades from me? Then check out the latest work he has created for the artists of

Black and White

I was informed that my image was around 1.33 seconds into the YouTube video, but if you cannot wait that long, here is my black and white submission. IMHO, this image looks fantastic as a card, medium lamination and large framed image. Like it? Buy it!

Knotted Rope on Redbubble by Stephentrepreneur

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