Speech or Touch Screen, It’s All Good Progress

Bill Gates is betting on an idea I had a few years ago. I remember discovering Dragonspeak and thinking immediatly, “hey, I don’t need no stinking keyboard, I can yell at the computer! I can talk my thoughts and the computer would capture the words, and I’d edit them later.

Like as I type this right now, I have to check the spelling, check that words weren’t left out (Somehow I often leave out pronouns!), and sometimes pause my thoughts as my fingers catch up with the ideas spilling out. It’s time-draining.

So the fact that Bill says he’s betting that touch screens and speech will replace keyboards is not really a surprise, just a sigh of relief. Finally I can purchase decent software to record my thoughts possible and easier. Maybe even to recognise multiple voices, thereby recording a dialog or interview. Now that would be cool.

Now, Bill, please leave the next step to the little businesses, let the newer entrepreneurs in the computer world take a little from the computer-industry pie. Have a happy philanthropic retirement.

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