Unload your Unwanted

I found an interesting site tonight, but I cannot recall exactly where from. Somewhere in the chaos of my bloglines one of the many writers must have referred to it … and I had to check them out. So should you: WebUnload.

With a domain and title like that, you’d think it might be a scam, but so far it looks very promising. I’ve not found any other site to compare it to, so I’d suggest the next best thing would be the Sitepoint marketplace. Wait, Sitepoint are better, but for a whole lot of different reasons!

WebUnload is a currently still a little site, yet easy to navigate, and you don’t need to register to understand what exactly is going on here. Basically, their focus is on selling and purchasing of web-based goods. Their whole marketplace is the basis of the site, and helps it to continue, grow and exist. Rather than cluttering the site with other features, both visitors and registered users can see the items available for sale at a glance. This is definitely a good thing. For that feature alone they are better than both Sitepoint and Amazon. Now, that is most impressive!

The great thing is WebUnload is a free-rego’ site. So many sites are discovering that the best way to make money is to make registration free-of-charge. Why? Because people are more likely to spend when they think getting in the front door is a bargain in itself. Ask anyone whose been to a fee-entry night-club … knowing someone on the door always seems like a bargain, but in fact, they rely on you spending once you get to the bar, so there’s no loss. The same applies on in the internet. The best way to get people to spend more money is to offer a free product in advance.

You won’t see me at WebUnload. Not yet. The only unfortunate part of WebUnload is the lack of variety in products. They claim There is no game playing here (scamming, ripping, etc) and their probably isn’t, but I’m not convinced I need a font or WPtheme. I’m keeping an eye on WebUnload to see if any decent products become available. But don’t let me discourage you, go find a binary-item you need to spend real-money to obtain.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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