Keep Waiting for that Big Payout

Have you registered yet with Yes? Did you read the TOS (and I don’t mean just scroll down the page and click on the “I AGREE” button)? Did you seriously read through it carefully? Because if you did not read the fine print, you have been fooled into believing you will make money from qassia. This is a marketing site, not a make-money-online site. Read the Squidoo review to understand. Qassia payouts are in fake-dollars, without value nor substance. Have they asked you for an account to deposit your earnings into? I doubt it. This is because the thing they call ‘Intel’ is not factual information, it’s based on personal opinion which may or may not have any truth or fact. This is usually known as libelous information.

But this is the scary bit that many new registered users may not have read carefully before they hit that “I AGREE” button:

Valuation Mechanism

The Web site uses a valuation mechanism termed “Qassia dollars” (or expressed as “dollars” or the dollar sign ($) for purposes of convenience). Qassia dollars are not legal tender. Qassia dollars are a concept introduced solely for the sake of numerically measuring the extent of contribution of users of the Web site. [#1]Qassia dollars may not be “exchanged” for legal tender of any currency.

The User must understand that Qassia dollars are not legal tender. The User must accept that the accumulation of Qassia dollars in his/her user account has no meaning except as [#2]a measure of the User’s activity at the Web site, and that any or all Qassia dollars in the user account may be removed by the Operator, without reason or explanation.

The User may be awarded Qassia dollars pursuant to the completion of certain actions on the Web site. The amount of Qassia dollars awarded, while publicized on the Web site, may be changed at any time without prior notice. Nor must the amount of Qassia dollars awarded necessarily [#3] reflect documentation of the same on the Web site.

Let’s go through those three underlined sections carefully:

#1. You will never see any money in the denomination of your country from Qassia. They don’t hand out money to anyone, not in any shape or form.

#2. The value is actually just a point-system, like in a sport game. Every time you put another goal between the posts, your one-man team scores. They have called this scoring system a monetary value to make the users feel good about themselves.

It’s precisely the same as my blogshares account. Yes, I paid for a two-year premium deal. But I was never duped into thinking it was real money and that I’d financially gain from being part of the game. The qassi spin-doctors are very good at convincing you will profit from all this whilst telling you exactly what’s going on.

#3. It would appear that the value they give you is not necessarily a true reflection of how much your ‘account’, for want of a more appropriate word, is actually worth. There’d be two reasons for this:
[1] You may have completed an action (write a suitable article), though not rewarded for it yet.
[2] They are in the process of lowering the value of actions because their database is already filled to the brim with useless data and they cannot afford litigation from the next person who discovers the farce behind all of this.

I’m not sorry to say that I will NOT be registering at this marketing-site. I’m not sure how they make money from this arrangement. (Currently it’s free to register, yet they pay $500 in fake-credit for your first referral). I imagine that means they are selling your details onto a marketing firm, or if not your details, they are writing reports for marketing companies based on your registration details. Don’t believe they would do this?

Don’t be silly, they wouldn’t give your personal details, there’s no need for them to do that: You’ve probably given them an age, a global location (from your IP address), and some basic information about yourself. And based on your humble opinions of other people, they can write superlative garbage that the marketing company will use to mass-market you with adverts. And thus you have Google Adsense and Adwords.
The circle is complete.

If I am wrong, completely wrong, feel free to inform me otherwise. But I am not looking for any personal opinion, I’m waiting for facts, the truth and nothing but the truth. Can you do that Qassia, or will this basic information continue to be hidden from the non-registered general public?

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  1. I think qassia was made by google adsense people to get you to join adsense. they tell you that you will get money by adsense ads on your qassia intel. that’s the only way you can make money at qassia.


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