Three Alternatives to the Canon Hand Strap

Yesterday I also purchased the Canon E1 hand-strap. I paid AUS$50, believing it to be a bargain. Now I am not so sure…

But before I show you the alternatives, see how easy the hand-strap is to install. (new link added 29/Nov/2009)

Although it took about thirty minutes (because my fingers had a bit of trouble threading the material through the clips), the whole process is relatively simple.
Thankfully better people than me provided these step-by-step instructional images that a breeze to follow.

The most difficult part is ensuring there is enough length at either end for the last step. I had to unthread the whole thing twice to make sure I got it right, but you might have more patience than I did. Sometimes a job is better done if started over!

Now that I am CLIPSAL500-ready, I’ll provide pictures of my rig with all its new attachments when our very new Canon IXUS 860IS camera gets home (SWMBO has it for the day!)

Did someone say ‘cheaper alternatives’?

That’s right, instead of spending a days wages at MacDonald’s (not that I’ve ever worked there!), I’ve since discovered some far simpler methods to strap your hand to your rig to support the weight of (for example only) your battery-grip, flash-gun, 100mm macro.

[1.] Remove the padded section of the $50 Canon E1.

What do you have? A black strap. This simplifies the rig and lessens the visual-view of a camera in someone’s face. But you’ll need tradesman’s hands to deal with the strap digging into your knuckles and hand. Not for the faint of heart, or those carrying a 1.2kilogram Canon EOS 5D!

[2.] A Dog Collar

Dammit. I wish I’d thought of this earlier, I could have saved $38 !! OK, so it’s not pretty, but a large-sized but thin red or black leather collar will feed through the attached on your ringlets on your camera. Just don’t go pink or studded. Imagine your client’s face when you arrive a pink studded dog collar attached on your rig! I might have to buy one just to see how it looks.

[3.] A Campdapter Strap

Just from the images alone, this looks like an amazing alternative. This is probably more expensive than Canon, but looks, works and appears to be a far better product.

According to their home page…

“…the Camdapter Hand Strap System™ allows you to more easily hold and steady your camera with just one hand.
But unlike most other hand straps out there, the Camdapter System allows you to easily use both your tripod and your neck strap, and it also allows convenient access to your battery compartment – without having to install a battery grip.

The biggest advantage I can see on this one is that the bottom strap attaches to a component that screws into the quick-release-plate hole. I’m not sure if it allows the quick-release-plate to to still attach, or if it replaces it. Yet it still appeals to me.

Has anyone got any other suggestions?

Or do you know of any other hand-strap manufacturers? Feel free to advertise similar products.

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