Calling All Telemarketers

I really don’t care how much money is being spent by the government for the ‘Do-Not-Call’ registry, it’s just not going to work. So I figured out a better way to get back at all those telemarketers from overseas. It’s surprisingly easy, costs nothing more than a few seconds of your time, and, if nothing else, might give you a little laugh. Well, it did for me.

Know how we have to wait about three damn seconds before their machines recognise that they haven’t come through to an answering machine?< (Or didn’t you know that?) Here’s my suggestion: Stay on the line just a little longer, wait till you hear the first breath, even the first word of the person about to sell you a product … and hang up.

That’s all. Just hang up. Don’t blink, don’t say a word, don’t let them get a whole word out … just hang up on them.

Oh, that makes me feel so good. See, because that just cost them money. Not me, not you, but the telemarketing company lost a few cents on a call that made no sale.

Gotta love it.

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  1. Unfortunately, most of these companies are now using VOIP to avoid international long distance charges, and just have to pay for a local call, which they get at a massive discount because of the sheer volume of calls they make.

    Oddly enough, I’ve found the number of calls I’ve received since signing up for the DO NOT CALL registry has dropped drastically. Still an occasional irritating interruption, but nothing like it was.


  2. Well, dang, Dave, that ruins all my fun completely. No matter. It stills amuses the heck out of me to hear them inhale for their first word … click. Love it.
    I should sign up, you are right on that issue.


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