There’s Always Something to Talk About

The SALA FlickrSA Exhibition

Yes, it’s reached that time again where I and a group of fellow flickerites display our photographic abilities to the world. Well, to the few Adelaide artistes who appear each year to go ‘ooh la la’ and everything they pass. Should be fun. I’m in.

The SALA Festival 2008 runs for around two weeks in August this year: Friday 1st August to Sunday 17th August

I’m having fun finding/shooting a photograph that matches the chosen theme: Movement.

Eric Meyer gives us the time line of browsers.

But this is more than just a timeline: It’s an amazing feat of CSS to make this page work so well! I get gobsmacked hovering my mouse up over columns and rows. Wait. I’ve seen what IE6 does to this. It make not make sense to those (l)users. Download Mozilla Firefox and put some oomph into your web-surfing. Please. Don’t be like the other 98% who still think Internet Explorer is the neatest thing since butter.

Love Chocolate? Visit Max Brenner. Righ now.

Yet another site where at first you think “What, this looks all messed up!” Then you realise it’s all about chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. And then you discover that chocolate can make you drunk. Hmmmm…. chocolate.

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