Sidewalk Photography

I managed to get myself as a passenger in this beautiful little car on Sunday. Well, I was holding the camera, I couldn’t exactly drive whilst taking photographs and filming the other car, could I?

Headlights of the Mini Sidewalk. Lots of plastic and chrome in here. I wish I’d been around when the sun disappeared. Maybe another time…

Parked at Balhannah in the Adelaide hills, this car loses its roof in less than 20 seconds. Just one button slides the top back whilst the rear side windows roll down, then the back part flips up and down into the back of the car. Without a sound.

Badge on left side of car.

Reflection of front seat, shot through side mirror. Yes, we were parked at the time.

Badge on back of car. Classic style, no change here … but still gives you a buzz just to see this beautiful little car zoom by. Nice ride. I hope I get another opportunity!

What, what’s this about filming another car, from a Mini Sidewalk, through the Adelaide hills and CBD? That’s a whole other story and article. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal any more about that at this time, but hopefully in a few months!

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