Another Redbubble Montage

Another Redbubble Photo Montage from a fellow Adelaidian: MuscularTeeth.

MT has an amazing knack for melding music and art meet together on the screen, form a mesmorizing movie of overlapping imagery. Gadzooks, this guy knows what he is doing … and we all are impressed!

Many artists from redbubble freely submitted their art for inclusion (though, ahem, some of us forgot, whoops, next time!) for free online advertising … and MT definitely provided the goods.

Heck, enough of me waffling on … Take a look. Oh, and wait for the end. He’s done a schweet bit of editing at the end that will make any Redbubblite smile. We hope you like it also!

I just hope you can see the shockwave-flash imagery above … because it’s worth watching!

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