Open Hands

Open Hands by Stephen Mitchell, For Sale at

I’ve had a bit of fun this afternoon, tweaking the colouring on one of my “Human” shots, a short series of photographs shot on Kangaroo Island early in 2007. Willing models, either family or friends, are hard to come by, so I have to settle for hand and back-of-head shots. This one worked out a lot better than expected.

To enhance this image, I had to break it down to three layers: [1] The blurred out skirt of the young lady, [2] The open hands, [3] and the dead crab. The skirt was blurred a little more — because that’s not where the eyes are meant to focus (no pun intended). The hands were sharpened and re-coloured to a more human colour, but not out-contrast the colour of the crab, and the crab was sharpened and darkened slightly. Therefore your eyes go straight to the crab, out to the hands, then you may look at her skirt and feet. (That’s right, those are toes in a rubber thong!)

Of course, I had to go the next step. But unlike how I usually alter my photography (grey-tone to the entire background), I decided to grey-saturate the hands only. The pink of the skirt seems to work for me, so I decided to keep that colouring. Here is the final result:

Open Hands (B&W) by Stephen Mitchell, For Sale at

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