Celebrating the Incoming New Year

What’s Still On in SA

  1. Got Robbed – Colonel light hotel Light Square
  2. Junk Male – Hope Valley Football club
  3. Party of Five – Port Pirie
  4. Premium Noise – Port Marina Funcion Centre Port Adelaide

Article posted at 3.34pm. Yes, I should be asleep.

Still haven’t properly seen in the new year? Need a party to get to to ensure you drink yourself into a stupor and forget everything that happened in 2007? YOU STILL CAN!!

Geez, yes, you still can. My promo-entry was to re-inforce the fact that partying will NOT finish for another few hours yet. You could still fly into any capital city in Australia – except Adelaide, because it’s deader than a MilliVanilli Museum – and enjoy the swarms of people who are still trying to find their left shoe, their mobile phone, and spare change for a taxi back to the ‘burbs.

Don’t believe me? Then get over to the New Years Eve Guide to check out what each capital city around Australia has had on offer all night for you people who see no reason, because there is no reason, what reason do you need to get pissed out of your miiiii…iiiii…iii…nds.

Me, I didn’t feel the need to mingle with the tuna-can crowds. I see no pleasure in swapping sweat and other miscellaneous smells with the jostling mobs down the street, nobody going anywhere, except to discover that they’re life is not going to be any different because another year passed them by.

The only thing that NYE is good for: Reminding you that you have a birthday coming up shortly. Another freaking year has gone by, and you ain’t gonna remember it if you drink all night. So, happy hunting for that party. Maybe you should just stay home and watch the illegal fireworks across the gully. That’s what we did.

If it hadn’t been so stinking hot, I would have walked to the top of the hill to photograph the fireworks going on around us. But you could drop an egg at midnight on the pavement, and it would have… you know the end of this story.


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