Using Christmas Leftovers in your Photography

After all the food was consumed on Christmas day, I set about capturing shots around our home that looked interesting.

First I found her glass chopping boards which had some amazing colours and shadows coming off them from the afternoon light through the kitchen window.

So I added one of the green bottles (that had held non-alcoholic fizzy drink, but were filled with cool water between the main meal and dessert) to help capture and diffuse the amazing light hitting the glass.

Then I found left-over fruit (which was amazing in itself!), and the grapes were added as the perfect contrast of colours. A green bottle, a bunch of green grapes and the reflection off the glass chopping boards, all works perfectly together.

At this point, I discovered the chopping boards were refracting the light in all the wrong directions. So I removed them from the image
Tested a few shots with and without.
Then put the glass-boards back into the image!
The reflected light from the glass surface helped push light back up through the grapes, thereby enhancing and giving a real 3D feel to the shot! Neat trick of the Year!

Thus, this is one of five photographs that appeared inside my camera.

Oh, and the title is a play on words. Bending Light / Blend of Subjects

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