Refinding One’s Presence

This is just a post to show the interesting comments on the use of one of my photographs in an article regarding the “Return Policies for 15 Magor Retailers“. This cat, fluff, enjoys getting into cardboard boxes, shopping bags, and anywhere confined. Her sister, Paws, has the unfortunate habit of sitting on top of the television at the back of the entertainment-unit. I hate to think what her cat-hair is doing to the internals of my television … she is sitting right over the vents in the plastic!!

Gifted Cat

Since I found this great use of my photograph, I figured I’d do a google search of other uses of my work. I’m actually flattered that people would use these shots. They are fairly generic, you’d be lucky to see anything naughty or personal, so it’s no big deal that people use them. But I do prefer they ask first, or simply put a link back to the page they procured it from. As this user has done, they’ve saved the image to their web space and put a link below the tract of text. Perfectly acceptable. Well, I’d prefer the link was around the image, but it works, no big deal.

So what did I find?

Here are a few other journals and sites using my images.

David Zinger has used the picture of coloured pencils to enhance an article about Employee Engagement – Character & Accountability: MMP #38.

Pick a Color, Any Colour

Ziff(The Blogger who Wants you to Make Money) is using this image to tell the world that Knowledge is Power. Unfortunately Ziff has linked to his own blogger repository of images, not back to my flickr page. No matter, Ziff (also known as Cheng Guan) has put a link above the article.

The irony being that he is promoting FREE books … and none of those books were free. Cost me a small fortune, and I haven’t read a few of them in a LONG time. Another resolution for 2008.

Amended Book Collection

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll find more as time goes by. Again, let me iterate, I have no problem with usage, just as long as reciprocal linkage is provided on the article. Are you using one of my photographs? Please let me know, just so I know.

3 thoughts on “Refinding One’s Presence

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  1. I loved your picture and I hope my attribution to you was appropraite. If not let me know.

    I found it in Flickr in the Creative Commons. One thing I do is have a Google News Alert on certain names or image and this is how I found out about your article.

    I will certainly also let you know if I use another image so that you can see its usage.



  2. Hello Taylor! It is one of our four cats. She has a habit of getting into boxes. Possibly from her days before we rescued her from a car park in the Adelaide CBD.

    Hello David! Your attribution is fine, it’s cool for you to use my images. As I say, most have no personal images of myself or family, so they can be used in many generic locations. BTW, Your article is most interesting, the picture is certainly befitting!


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